AC not working in Clifton
AC not working in Clifton
June 27, 2017
AC Not Working in Woodland Park
AC Not Working in Woodland Park
July 7, 2017
AC not working in Little Falls

AC not working in Little Falls

My AC not working in Little Falls!!

Imagine living in a new home and you realize the AC isn’t working. Unfortunately, it is now the summer which means you really need the AC to work. However, what if you don’t know anything about fixing AC’s?

No one likes walking around the house with a broken AC because it is just as bad as being outside in the heat. However, if you have no idea how to fix your AC or have no idea what the problem is, have no fear Airecool Mechanical is at your service! Airecool Mechanical is a family owned company serving for many years. We provide services in heating and air conditioning in most parts of New Jersey.

Below is a list stating the most common AC issues:

Problem #1 – Something could be wrong with the wiring.

A faulty wire could be dangerous for anyone even to the point where it causes a fire hazard.

Problem #2 – Low refrigerant.

If there is a sign that refrigerant is needed it is mostly because there is a leak. Any signs of a leak should be located and repaired.

Problem #3 – The AC fan must not be working.

If the fan isn’t working correctly the compressor may start to fail as well. Without the fan working properly the heat transfer may not occur and the air conditioning may overheat.

Problem #4 – The outside unit does not work.

If you have a central air conditioner then it may be because of the outside unit. If the outside unit isn’t working then it may indicate a lack of power, contactor problems or a faulty thermostat.

Problem #5 – The coil is frozen

A frozen coil may indicate an issue with the airflow, this can be because of dirty / clogged air filters. Frozen coils may also be a reason for low refrigerant.


In the meantime, until your AC is fixed here are a couple of advice on how to stay cool:

  • Stay hydrated, drink lots and lots of water – no coffee, tea, or alcohol.
  • Keep your body cool by wearing loose-fitted and colored clothes.
  • Keep your house cool by having ventilation like a fan or opening the windows.

We offer our services 6-days a week (Monday – Saturday). AC not working in Little Falls? Contact us with any questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you. Stay cool!

AC Not Working

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