AC not working
AC Not Working
June 26, 2017
AC not working in Rochelle Park
AC not working in Rochelle Park
June 27, 2017
ac not working in passaic

AC Not Working in Passaic

Is Your AC Not Working in Passaic?

AC not working in Passaic or any nearby town? A technician at Airecool Mechanical  can help you identify the issue and have your AC unit repaired.  There are many common problems why your AC may not be working.  We wanted to make sure you had a list of come of the common problems to identify the extent of the issue.

Below are the top list of issues you may be having.

AC Not Working in Passaic – Most common issues:

  • Something may be wrong with the wiring – AC Not Working Common Problem #1

If there are any problems with the wiring of the AC unit, the unit may experiencing a loss of power or the circuit breaker may be tripping.  If this is something that is occurring with your AC unit in your house, a replacement of your wiring may be needed to resolve the issue.  Avoiding the issue can or may lead to a higher risk with a fire hazard.

  • Low Refrigerant  – AC Not Working Common Problem #2

If you begin to realize that your AC unit is leaking, it could mean that your refrigerant levels are low.  The refrigerant is the chemical that cools the air within your unit.

  • Your fan is not working – AC Not Working Common Problem #3

If the outside fan is not working, heat transfer may not occur and the air conditioning may overheat and trip the safety overload. This fan is important because it conveys the heat from your home to the outside air.   This can cause internal damage to the compressor if not taken care of.

  • Outside unit not working – AC Not Working Common Problem #4

Do you have a central air coneditioner? If you do, you probably have an outside unit.  If the unit outside is not working, you may be experiencing a loss of power, having contactor problems or may even have an issue with the thermostat.

  • Coil is frozen – AC Not Working Common Problem #5

You may be haivng issues with the airflow if your coil is frozen.  This may be due to any blockage from air filters or obstructed return air duct work.


If you are having any of these issues or other issues that you may not be sure about feel free to contact Airecool Mechanical to have a technician troubleshoot and repair your AC.



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