ac not working in passaic
AC Not Working in Passaic
June 26, 2017
AC not working in Clifton
AC not working in Clifton
June 27, 2017
AC not working in Rochelle Park

AC not working in Rochelle Park

The hot weather days are finally here! Is your AC working?

Is your AC not working in Rochelle Park or in any part of Bergen County? Not quite sure what is wrong with it? Well, Airecool Mechanical is here to help you repair any AC problems you are having.

There could be numerous reasons why your AC is not working in Rochelle Park. This could be because of something so small or something so big. The following are a couple of common air conditioner problems that may be occurring:

Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant may sound like it is easy to fix but it should be fixed by an experienced technician. The technician should repair any leaks and then test the repair it to make sure it is working properly. Once it is properly working then the refrigerant must be added but not too much and not too little, just the right amount.

Inadequate Maintenance

Having an air conditioner that is clean, like its filter or coils, is very important. Lack of maintenance can cause for the air conditioner to not work.

AC not working in Rochelle Park continued…

Electric Control Failure

An air conditioners compressor and fan tend to wear out when it is constantly being used. Wires may also be the case here so it is important to have checked out your unit’s electrical connections.

Sensor Problems

Air conditioners contain thermostats sensors and if it is out of place it can make the air conditioner not work properly.

Drainage Problems

When drains are clogged it can cause for air conditioners to not work properly. This happens when it is humid outside. So it is important to have it checked and fixed.

AC Not Working

If you are experiencing any of these problems or know of someone contact us and we will send one of our technicians to help you. In the meantime stay cool!

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