AC Not Cooling in Little Falls
July 11, 2017
AC not working in Paterson
AC Not Working in Paterson
July 11, 2017
AC Not Working In Totowa

AC Not Working In Totowa

What do you do if your AC not working in Totowa? Would you throw it out? That may be an option but would you actually throw away your AC every time there is a problem with it? The answer to that is no. Why throw out something that could be easily repaired by us, Airecool Mechanical.

If an air conditioner is not working properly it could be for various reasons. The most common reason may be because of maintenance. It may seem like it isn’t important but it certainly is. Even though your air conditioner hasn’t been turned on all winter and fall that doesn’t mean that it is 100% clean. It can even stop working once it is turned on for the summer. Luckily, Airecool Mechanical offers air conditioning maintenance.

Dust and dirt can cause many problems with air conditioners. You may not see it but because of it air conditioners may certainly need maintenance. When AC’s are running, it draws in air that may contain dirt, dust, or any other particles. Since these thing are small and cannot be noticed at first they can get trapped in the AC air filters. Sometimes the filters can become congested with dust or it breaks from it and then the interior of the air conditioner can become dirty.

Believe it or not, dust can actually cause big troubles to air conditioners. A major cause is the reducing of the level of the heat exchange. If the dust gets on the evaporator coil or the condenser coil, it will prevent the coils from absorbing or releasing heat. If this happens the AC will start to work much harder than it should. The dirty evaporator coils can develop ice because it can no longer absorb the heat that’s needed to produce cooler temperature. That is why it is important to have your air conditioner cleaned regularly to avoid any AC failures.

When you have an AC problem, Airecool Mechanical is your go to Air Conditioner Expert that will help you solve any air conditioner problems.

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