AC not Cooling In Clifton
AC not Cooling In Clifton
July 26, 2017
boiler installation
Boiler Installation
October 3, 2017
AC Repair Contractor in Paramus

AC Repair Contractor in Paramus

In need of an AC Repair Contractor in Paramus?

Airecool Mechanical provides the best AC repair services in New Jersey. As AC Repair Contractors in Paramus we provide service for all residential and commercial properties in Bergen, Passaic, Hudson, Middlesex Essex and Sussux Counties..  Regardless if you need your AC Repaired or you are looking to install a new AC Unit we are the right contractors for the job.  Our expert team of specialist handle every job with tremendous care and efficiency.  Most importantly, we always handle every job and project without hassle, because we understand that you simply want things done efficiently.

Below are a few things that may be wrong with your current AC Unit.

  1. The wiring may need to be replaced –This can be a serious fire hazard and is recommended that you contact
  2. Low Refrigerant– This may be caused due to a leak.  It’s important to stop the leak to avoid additional repairs.
  3. Issue with the fan –  The outside fan conveys the heat from your house to the outside air. If the fan is not taken care of the compressor could possibly be damaged.
  4. Outside unit is not working – If you have central AC, you most likely have an outside unit. If this is the case you may be experiencing loss of power, contractor problems, or even having an issue with the thermostat.
  5. Coils are frozen – If the coil(s) are frozen it could be because of the airflow. This happens because there may be some blockage in the air filters.

More reasons why you may need an AC Repair Contractor.

  1. Maybe you own a commercial building and need an AC Unit Installed.
  2. Maybe you are a new home owner and the home does not have an AC Unit installed.
  3. The home you have does have an AC Unit but, want to install one?

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