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Selecting an air conditioner for your home is a big decision. It’s an important investment today. It will play a key role in your home energy expenses for years to come. And when the summer heat is at its worst, you’ll want your family to have the best, most reliable cooling comfort possible. Here are a few things to consider.

What do good central air units have in common?
The best ones are efficient, operating on minimal electricity to hold utility bills down. They provide steady, dependable performance year after year when properly maintained. Good systems are quiet, long-lasting and low in service needs.

How can I be sure my Unit is the right size?
Obviously, an air conditioner that’s too small won’t keep your home sufficiently cool. But what many don’t realize is that an oversized system will cycle (turn on and off) more than necessary, wasting expensive energy and possibly putting undue strain on the compressor.

AireCool Mechanical Inc, will determine the optimum size for your home by making a careful study of your cooling requirements. Window dimensions and exposure. Floor space, insulation and local climate. Heat-generating appliances. The direction your home faces. Even the amount of your home’s exterior shaded by trees.

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Emergency AC Repair Service In Wayne.
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Expert Service and Maintenance

We keep existing AC systems running efficiently

New Central Air Conditioning Systems In Wayne New Jersey

We install new high-efficiency central AC systems to reduce energy consumption.

Whether for home or office, if your air conditioning goes down in Wayne New Jersey, you want service that is fast and reliable. We offer 6-day a week emergency service on all types of air conditioning systems and equipment.

We also offer normal repair services five days a week, Monday – Friday.

An office without AC dampens worker productivity. We inspect central air conditioning systems to help ensure safe, trouble-free start up.

We inspect: Compressors, coils, contactors, blowers, thermostats, coolant, filters, and related equipment such as humidifiers. We advise you of any issues, including insulation and air infiltration problems. We review the options with you, and give you a quote for any recommended repairs and maintenance on the spot.


Air Conditioning Repair and A/C Maintenance Inspection In Wayne New Jersey 07035, 07470

The best way to keep an air conditioning unit functioning properly is through regular maintenance from a cooling professional. Many of our residential and commercial customers rely on AireCool Mechanical for annual inspections.

We service all major brands and models. We keep existing air conditioning systems running efficiently and running longer – and can often spot problems before an outage occurs.

There are many common problems with air conditioners that do not require a major expense. We will give you an honest evaluation and advise you of the options. And we will give you a written estimate on any needed repairs.

7 Common Air Conditioner Problems

  • Refrigerant leak.
  • AC coils frozen.
  • Worn or fused contractors.
  • Sensor malfunction.
  • Clogged filters.
  • Electrical switches / breakers.
  • Faulty Thermostats.

AireCool Mechanical can make many repairs in under an hour to get your AC back online fast.

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