January 5, 2016
my heat stopped working in my house
my heat stopped working in my house – When Your Heater Unexpectedly Breaks –
February 5, 2016

Furnace Installation Northern NJ

Furnace Installation Northern NJ

In this video, Aire Cool Mechanical Inc. installation experts are showing on how to install in-house fabricated furnaces in a Medical Express site.

Introducing the new insulation stuff, Double Bubble Wrap Insulation, the one Aire Cool Mechanical Inc. New Jersey is using in this video. It is an aluminum faced with no fiber double bubble wrap.  And why are we using this? Simply because this bubble insulation is lightweight and easy to handle, yet provides superior insulating value. The double bubble center creates maximum R-Value and the reflective foil on both outside surfaces reflect up to 97% of radiant heat. Because of the air space built between the layers of foil, this bubble insulation works to keep radiant heat from penetrating a structure from the outside, and the radiant foil reflects interior heat back into a structure from the inside. This is why double bubble wrap insulation works effectively in both hot and cold temperature.

When we say “in-house’ fabrication, formation and assembly are performed at Aire Cool Mechanical facilities, which allows us to ensure all work is performed according to our high standards, under controlled working conditions. As a result, we encountered only very few fitting errors and re-work because we pre-fit components prior to dispatch.

Don’t forget, Aire Cool Mechanical Inc. can offer furnace maintenance, heating repair, HVAC service and furnace change outs on any brand, no matter where you are in New Jersey and wherever you bought it. You can trust that our experts do the job right.

Aire Cool Mechanical Inc. is your one-stop shop for Furnace Installation Northern NJ

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